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11/26/22- Quick ramble

Quick kinda update, if anyone's reading this idk but I figure I should also add this for myself.

I'm slowly getting my shit together after being thrown off so long during Oct lmao but ofc once I start to do that, holidays come up and other things. But now, my mental health has been doing pretty ok lately despite everything, and I'm hermiting (or at least trying) so that I can stay home and finally pick up on sewing and updating this site.

I'm always updating the Shops page with new links all the time, just so y'all kawaii babes can have new shops to browse thru this holiday szn lmao plus I didn't forget about that sewing projects page I planned on making, I just need to actually finish sewing something for once! But I made a bodice block... maybe that can be my first entry for the page ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm also working on my skirt pattern so that I have my hip and waist size perfectly recorded for future skirts and shorts n things. I'm a lil nervous to start sewing an actual garment that I'm planning to wear but tbh the best way to start anything is to just really dive right in right? Not to mention I've been slowly but surely collecting fabric and tools in order to start this sewing gig already and I have more than enough stuff to start already!! I just need to get my ass on it already lmfao

But besides that, I'm doing ok surprisingly! My job is seeing tons of ppl quitting since there's been so much change in the workflow, so I got a raise just to get me to stay there... which I mean, I wasn't planning on leaving anyways, I have to have a more polished resume and I can't be hopping from job to job like I used to >_< But I'm happy I'm gonna be earning a lil more money this time I desperately need every penny I can get. I'm lowkey depressed this year that I won't be able to buy my friends and her family Christmas gifts, but I'm relieved to hear they're also coming up short on the money dept too so we're gonna be doing a secret santa this year instead of everyone buying everyone else gifts. Hooray for secret santa, it saves the day! It also saves some stress, keeping track of everyone's gifts was not an easy task. I'm not even a big Christmas girl, I don't really care about the "holiday spirit" or whatever and I hate Christmas songs but I looooovvee buying stuff for ppl... maybe I should look into becoming a personal shopper somehow, I fuckin love buying stuff and buying stuff for other ppl is always a fun challenge! I just wish buying ppl gifts didn't always involve my bank account @_@

And besides all that, I'm looking for more books to read, and articles too! Y'all already know, I can't help but stumble on articles criticizing capitalism lmfao and I found this new one that muses on the whole Taylor Swift vs Ticketmaster debacle that just happened. I wasn't really keeping up with the whole thing, I'm def not a TSwift fan by any means but uhm yeah swifties gaining class consciousness bc a shitty venue and ticket company held the monopoly of their fave's tix away from them? I mean listen I'm not a judgy person, to each their own! And tbh atp anything to get ppl to wake up and revolt against the current system is a good thing, even if it's bc teenage girls and 20somethings started investigating why scalping is even able to be a thing. Let's go class consciousness!! Down with capitalism :)

Anyways, hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving Day Indigenous Rights Day! I stuffed my face at my bff's house, I literally ate so much I didn't even eat for the rest of the following day. Just had my first real meal this morning LMFAO

Here's to hoping I keep busy enough this winter and that seasonal depression doesn't kick my ass! Cuz I really wanna be able to make a cute skirt one day :(