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Tha Clownhouse

Well hello there, welcome to my Clownhouse!

I'm slowly but surely building this website, however I gotta let you know that certain links might not work throughout the site yet, and that this website overall is non responsive. So if you're visiting me hello! But you should be viewing this site on a desktop computer, not a phone sorry :(

With that being said, this website is my own personal clownhouse filled with all the stuff I love. However, for YOU this also might be a haven of resources if you love kawaii just like me (which I'm assuming you do if you clicked on this site lmao)

On the Shops tab, you'll find a pretty comprehensive list of several online shops you can go thru if you're a newbie and want to know where to get started to build your new cute pastel wardobe, or just a list you can check out for the fuck of it if you're a kawaii veteran.

Credits n Links is where you're gonna find all the credits to pretty much everything you see here on this website... and also links 2 other stuff. Go figure. Obviously nothing on this site is mine, not even the layout [insert blush emoji here] so feel free to right click all you want, since everything here is free 2 use baybeeeee, trust me I made sure of it. If you're ever like "wow that gif/button/icon looks so cool, where's it from?" some pixel art is automatically linked 2 their creator which you'll see if you hover over it. If not, check this page. If you still can't find the source of the image it's most likely ripped str8 from my Tumblr blog, where I reblog tons of kawaii web deco stuff... you should give it a look sometime ;)

And last but not least there's the Blog tab where some links are broken due to me slowly but surely making my way thru the many blog posts I intend to make. That page is always gonna be under construction as I add the blog posts once I write them. But is sure is cute right?

Obviously, this site will always be evolving and changing so uhm check back often! Not too often tho I have a full time job. Kthxbye!!

  • Name: Mars

  • Age: In my 20's

  • Pronouns: she/her

  • Location:

  • Likes: Pink, pastels, horror movies, museums, chai tea and matcha lattes, cafes, My Melody, driving, looking at the moon, strawberries, astrology

  • Dislikes: Early mornings, bland food, traffic, capitalism, conservatives, black clothes, fascists, TERFs

  • Fav Pokemon: Bewear and Stufful!
  • Zodiac signs: Taurus sun, Capricorn moon, Libra rising

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Yes, that's right! We gonna email like it's 2002 baybee, shoot me one and we can chat about whatever on your preferred social media!

But if you're too shy here's my Tumblr, you won't find much other than webcore stuff tho

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