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Welcome to the sewing projects directory! Here are links that will take you to certain individual projects detailing my progress creating apparel. Page will be regularly updated, some broken links will be here as well

My Projects

First bodice block First skirt block

Sewing Resources

  • ClosetHistorian's sewing playlist that includes beginner-friendly tutorials on measuring and pattern drafting. She goes in detail about how to sew certain garments including darts n stitching

  • Atubu Concepts, an older African lady who breaks down measurements and pattern drafting in the most soothing voice. She's straight to the point, takes you step-by-step thru the process

  • Mood Sewciety's free pattern database! All completely free PDFs of patterns from pants to long skirts to lingerie. They got it all, free to download and print

  • FabricWholesaleDirect has some pretty cheap fabric and a wide variety of them too

  • Evelyn Wood, another seamstress that breaks everything down, from common issues with stitching to giving tips on how to make garments look less "handmade"

  • Threadart, a website that sells all the thread you need in every color on the cheap!

  • Mood fabric's comprehensive fabric dictionary, since there's so many damn types of fabrics that get a little confusing sometimes, including pros and cons of each of them and what their common uses are

  • PaperStxrs, a relaxing vlog-type channel that doesn't exactly do beginner-friendly tutorials per se but it's nice background noise to have while sewing or a nice channel to inspire you to make cute stuff out of bedsheets and quilts, if you're more experienced!

  • @Repth