All the stuff I use around the site that you see, including other artist's pages. Ofc, I hope they don't mind... however if anyone has any probs with their stuff being used around my site pages pls contact me for removal! Otherwise, hope this page can be of use 2 anyone looking to kawaii-fy their website!


Stuff you see on the site

Resources on Neocities and old web


  • puniplush- Cute n sassy stamps
  • profiledecor- Like it says on the tin, cute profile deco
  • King-Lulu-Deer- the KING of adorable pixel stuff, both kawaii and goth (most my cute pixel deco is from them)
  • adorable-stamps- Stamps n lots of them
  • pastelpink-fuckery- Pastel pink decor 4 ur page
  • thecandycoating- Aesthetic af stamps and other assorted pastel deco
  • demoniics- More cute dividers and misc
  • Kouenli- Tons of F2U pixels
  • Nerdy-Pixel-Girl- Cute pixels, profile decor, and stamps
  • Coffee-Branches- A page chock-full of cute blinkies and other old web deco
  • Kittea-Paws- Super pastel and cute pixels and profile deco
  • Webcore-Galore- Again, like it says on the tin, webcore stuff 4 u
  • Silkanide- This artist no longer does pixel art but they still have a very nice archive of cute pixels that are F2U
  • Nyanfuw- More cute pixels
  • Sukiiee- Social media icons 4 ur page
  • Virus-Xenon- A huuuge F2U folder with blinkies, bgs, and other web goodies
  • sugary-stardust- Tons of pastel cute stamps and other resources like bullets n such
  • crystalcrowned- A small but cute folder of deco and pixels in the "pixels and stamps" page in their gallery. Seems to be mostly royalty and lace things
  • Kezzi-Rose- Lots of cute old stamps and also other pixels you can use for deco as long as credit is given
  • All-Pink- A group that categorizes tons of cute specifically pink stuff like stamps and pixels. All f2u, go nuts
  • peachkonpeito- Another user with some cute stamps and f2u pixels
  • Adorelee- Cute f2u profile decor
  • Anineko- More page deco options and divider
  • ufocatchers- Adorable stamps
  • r0se-designs- Pixel dividers, stamps, page deco, even fonts!
  • sosogirl123- All kinds of cute page deco including bgs
  • my-world-is-split- Another F2U pixel treasure chest, mostly for lil bullets and stuff
  • Zombhood- Many cute F2U pastel pixels

Random fun stuff 4 when ur bored